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Amanda Beadle


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Amanda Beadle is a self taught artisan perfumer based in Sussex, UK. Her first perfume, Chienoir, broke through to win the international Art & Olfaction Awards 2018. 

Some background: Amanda dreamed of art school as a student, but was diverted - by sensible parents - into accountancy. Working in finance while bringing up her family, it wasn’t until her two boys were nearly through school that she began to think about a return to her creative roots. Re-discovering a long held passion for fragrance, Amanda studied perfumery and founded Bedeaux to make bespoke perfumes for individuals and businesses.


If perfume is her passion, Amanda is also a painter who sees scents visually. She will often paint a scene which evokes for her the flavours and textures of her intention. She will then return to her laboratory and lose herself amongst the materials - sandalwood, oak moss, cardamom, linden blossom, ylang-ylang, mimosa and thousands more. She believes that experimentation is the key to a truly original artisan perfume; every client may rest safe in the knowledge that there will be never be another perfume like theirs.


“Where am I headed? They keep asking me that. Who knows? I have started on an adventure and I don’t know where it will end. I like to imagine one day opening a scent shop/studio in Brighton, stocking independent and artisan brands alongside my own range. But for the moment, I’m happiest deeply immersed in the creative process. Inspired by my family, mentors and the wider fragrance community, I still have so much to learn.”  Amanda Beadle


Favourite novel: Perfume by Patrick Süskind (obvs!)

Dream client: Madame de Montespan 

First perfume: Opium

Favourite smell: Linden tree in full blossom 

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