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Does size matter?

Yes of course it does, bigger is better, better value when it comes to perfume. Bigger bottles cost less per ml for the customer and have a higher margin for the seller, win win.

Hold on a minute though, small is good too because minis are an affordable way to own and experience a multitude of scents, a small size makes perfume more attainable. However if you like to treasure a beautiful bottle but 100ml is more than you desire, a mid size bottle hits the spot.

So how did I choose what size bottles to use, well like most things Bedeaux it evolved over time.

The first batch of Cheinoir was entirely bottled in 15ml travel size, I couldn’t conceive of anyone buying a large bottle of an unknown perfume from a an unknown perfumer. I will always stock a small size, I love our 15ml bottle, it is cute and robust, a proper perfume bottle that actually holds nearer 20ml when full to the top.

Pretty soon customers started asking for a larger size so I added our 30ml cube bottle with a glass cabachon cap. I think they are beautiful, almost jewel like when filled with the periodot green liquid of Chienoir Eau de Parfum.

At a local art festival a wonderful customer fell in love with Boutique and insisted that she absolutely had to have  a 100ml bottle, I explained that I didn’t stock such a bottle but would happily make one up for her. She paid me in advance and gifted me these wise words, “if you make it they will buy it”.

So these days  I make a handful of bumper bottles for each batch.

I plan to replace our current 30ml bottle with a 50ml option, it better bridges the gap between the biggest and the smallest and is better value for money for my customers. So future batches of all my perfumes will come in 15, 50 and 100ml bottles and I always make samples so you can try before you buy.

I make really small batches, it minimises storage and wastage but the downside is I often run out of stock. This time I tried I really did,  I made twice as much but it sold twice as fast, it’s a great problem to have, thank you so much to everyone who has bought a bottle or two or more.

All our bottles are  supplied by the fabulous team Pochpac who have a low minimum order giving independent perfumers like me access to the same high quality bottles used widely in the industry.

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